11 Ways Your Business can Effectively Use Snapchat
SnapChat for Business

So your business already has a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a profile on Twitter, but you are looking for new ways to promote your brand on the Internet? Snapchat might just be the thing for you. Sure, you will need to approach it in a more creative way than the others and it does take some advanced planning, but it can be a great platform for marketing your business if used well. It’s an app mainly used by younger folks, teenagers and college kids, so if that’s your target audience, go for it. If not, Snapchat might not be right for your brand, at least not yet (Remember when having a Facebook account was considered avant-garde?). Anyway, here are 11 tips on how to use it to adequately promote your company.

1. Keep it fast

What might be tricky about Snapchat is that whatever snap you send, it has a time limit (from 2 to 10 seconds) on it, after which the photo disappears for good. That means that whatever you want to say, you gotta do it fast. Your message has got to be clear and simple in order for everyone to understand it before it’s gone.

snapchat messaging

2. Personality

What makes this app so popular is its casualty. Because the snaps are time-limited, it puts less pressure on the user to make it perfect. It’s way more personal than, for example, Instagram, because of its one-on-one approach. Your job is to approach your audience like they are your friends, not your customers.

Taco Bell on SnapChat

3. Behind-the-scenes

Because you need to keep it personal, you might as well show your fellow Snapchat users what’s going on behind the curtain. It works in favor of the whole friendly and personal approach.

Snapchat - Behind the Scenes

4. Teasers

You can send pictures of something you’re currently working on. For example, if you have a clothing brand, show people a new piece that’s in the making. It makes them interested in how the final product is going to look like.

snapchat teaser

5. Previews

In a similar fashion, you can snap a picture of a product that has yet to be released. That way, people will already know about it when it hits the store.

Snapchat Product Preview

6. Your location

Speaking of your stores, you can send out a map that shows where your store is located. You know, make it easier on your customers to find you and stuff.

snapchat location

7. Video messages

Don’t forget to use this option, as well as pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words and all, but you can actually say more in a short video message.

Snapchat Video Messages

8. Promotions

Snapchat is a great way to promote your product in a fun and unconventional way. For instance, have your customers send you a snap of them using your product, and in exchange, you can send them a code they can use for a discount at your store.

Snapchat Promotions

9. Exclusivity

Similarly, you can send out invites to an event that can be for Snapchat users-only. Or let them know about a time-limited sale only for those you send the announcement to.

SnapChat - Promotion

10. Video answers

It makes you seem really accommodating if you answer your customer’s questions through a quick video message. This idea is still kind of underused, so you will be a pioneer of sorts.

11. It’s still developing

There aren’t a lot of companies that use Snapchat for business, so take advantage of this fact while you can. By the time it becomes a widespread trend, you will already be a veteran on this app and, who knows, you might come up with new creative ways to use it for advertising that haven’t been tried yet.

Snapchat has around 400 million snaps exchanged among its users every day, so it’s by no means a small platform. If you can get innovative and resourceful, it can do wonders for your business.