21 Must Have Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs
must have mobile apps for entrepreneurs

One of the things that being an entrepreneur includes is having to constantly be on the go. Luckily for you, it is becoming increasingly easier thanks to more and more apps that are designed to help you get work done. The idea is to have a product that can either save you time you would spend doing something, or one that can help you in time of need. And as a CEO, these are pretty much your main goals when it comes to productivity. So, to give you a helping hand, I have come up with a list of mobile apps that are designed to assist you to be your most productive self.

21 Must Have Mobile Apps for Every Entrepreneur:

1. Mindnode
It’s an app that can be great for brainstorming. As an entrepreneur, continually coming up with new ideas and ways of doing things falls into your job description. Mindnote works as a visual mind map that centers around one central thought and expands from there. This way, you can brainstorm, organize your ideas and share them with your team.

2. Hipmunk
As a CEO, you are required to do a lot of travelling. With this app, booking a flight, a hotel, comparing hotels or finding the lowest prices has never been easier. Hipmunk will help you organize your business trip in the fastest and most convenient way.

3. Basecamp
Having a hard time keeping up with all your projects? Basecamp is designed to help you monitor all of them at once. You can see how much progress your team is making, create to-do lists or see project updates. It’s a great app for having a clearer and more organized way of checking on your projects.

4. MobileDay
If you need to make a conference call while you’re not necessarily at the office, this is the app for you – it can look for conference numbers and codes for you, remind you of an important call and even let you e-mail with other participants.

5. Glympse
This app allows your team or even friends and family know where you are through your GPS. What’s even better is that they don’t have to have the app to receive your coordinates, they can simply do it from a Web browser. Your coworkers will always know where they can find you, your client will know you’re running late if you’re stuck in traffic, and once you get to your destination, your glimpse automatically expires, so it’s safe to use.

6. DayOne
The business world is full of ups and downs, but with this app, all of that can be cataloged. You can write a journal, keep track of all of your business trips, successes and important moments. That way, you can see what was good for business and where you can still improve, and all your data is backed up on cloud.

7. SignEasy
As a CEO, there always seems to be an infinite pile of papers to sign. With the app, you can import all your documents to your smartphone, sign them and e-mail them right back, or have them stored for later. Paperwork will get so much easier with this useful app.

8. Pocket
Pocket allows you to save basically anything you want to check out for later: articles, blog posts, videos, news… everything you save is kept on your phone, so you can view it even if you’re not connected to the Internet. You can also tag you data for better organization or share it on social media or via e-mail.

9. GoDaddy Bookkeeping
Formerly known as Outright, the app help you with finances. It organizes all entries about your payments, transactions and expenses, keeps tabs on who owes you money and who you need to pay, monitors your income and you can even attach photos of receipts. It’s great for startups and smaller businesses.

10. Splitsies
If you’re out with friends or business clients, the app can help you cover your check at a restaurant or a club easier. Just add the price of what you or your companions have ordered, and Splitsies will split the check. It never actually pays somebody without your permission, so you don’t have to worry about security.

11. Mint
You can securely connect your bank accounts to the app and then monitor spending, budget and your complete financial state in order to spend less and more wisely. The app can also sent you reminders about unpaid bills and offers tips on finance.

12. Reeder
The app syncs up with Google Reader, so you will have all your favorite news websites, magazines and blogs in one place. It saves a lot of time spent searching for every article that interest you individually.

13. Google Maps
Most people, entrepreneurs or not, use Google Maps, but let’s not forget how useful it is. It gives you directions to get anywhere you need to be, leads you to your destination and estimates the time you’ll need to get there based on traffic and distance.

14. Uber
And once you know how to get to your desired location, there’s always Uber to transport you there, too. It’s a life-saver when there are no available cabs around.

15. MindMeister
Similarly to Mindnode, the app serves for mind mapping. You can make a team map where you’ll collaborate on new ideas, share, add notes, links and attachments next to your thoughts, make presentations or change colors, fonts and icons of your ideas.

16. Wunderlist
In my opinion, it’s the most well-rounded to-do app. You can calendar your appointments, make lists of tasks, set reminders of important things to do, attach documents or PDFs and so much more to help you organize your day. You can even share your data with coworkers so that you could delegate tasks.

17. Skitch by Evernote
The app is a really cool way to share your ideas with others. Imagine seeing something that inspires you or sparks a new thought – with Skitch, you can snap a photo, add a note or a comment and send it to anyone you please. You can even open up documents, mark things that need attention or changing and send them back. It saves you time and insures that you never miss a new idea, no matter where you are.

18. Google Drive
This is a pretty obvious choice, but as a CEO, you simply have to have all of your files available to you at any given moment and from any device. With Google Drive, you can give certain people permission to view your files, access them even when you’re offline and make sure that you can never lose an important document.

19. Pocket Analytics
Keeping track of your social media or website traffic can take time. Thanks to this app, you’ll have all the data in the same place. You can have instant insight to the number of new visitors, page views or shares.

20. Shoeboxed
This ingenious app does the work for you. Here’s how it works: you snap a picture of a receipt, they extract all the important data and later on, you have expense reports anytime you need them. That way, you can focus on business instead of tracking down receipts when it’s time to do taxes.

21. Inbox App by Gmail
There is no better email provider than Gmail. So if you are a gmail user, the Gmail app is a must have. Google also launched a new app called inbox that lets you manage your email better.

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