9 No-Nonsense Strategies to Get More Snapchat Followers
Snapchat - Increase your following

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms available right now, and businesses from all over the world are starting to realise how they can use it to grow their brand. It operates very differently from most other social media networks, so figuring out how to build a following can be tricky.

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Get the hang of it first

If you’ve never used Snapchat before, it’s a very good idea to have a play around with it before you attempt to grow your following. Read some guides, watch some tutorials and experience the app first hand to avoid looking like a novice while growing your brand. Find and pay attention to what large Snapchat influencers do as well as how and when they do it. Bonus points if you make a note of how you found their Snapchat accounts.

Promote yourself everywhere

On Snapchat, users can’t search for or find other people; you have to know their Snapchat name or ‘snapcode.’ This is one of the biggest differences between the platform and its competitors. The easiest way to overcome this hurdle is by promoting yourself everywhere – make it easy for anyone interested in your business or brand to find and follow you. You can also cross post your Snapchat content onto other platforms to draw people in, which is a great way to advertise what you’re doing to draw a bigger audience in.

Connect with others

When you’re first building your following, it’s a good idea to connect with as many people as you can. Always follow people back, use the messaging feature to create conversation and send snaps to people you like or think might be interested in what you’re all about. The more active you are, the more likely it is you’ll be found!

Create exclusivity

Many businesses use the platform’s exclusive nature to their advantage, creating ‘Snapchat follower only’ deals, giving out discount codes via the platform and providing coveted insights into business operation or everyday life. You’re going to want to capitalise on this, too. If you’ve got a following elsewhere, there might be many people interested in a more intimate look at your life or your business, and if you’re starting out creating exclusive discount codes can be a great way to attract a Snapchat audience and new business at the same time. There’s nothing like killing two birds with one stone, right?

Get people talking

The downside to Snapchat is that your content is only available for 24 hours, or until your direct snap has been watched by the member you sent it to. What this means, though, is that people are more likely to spread information about the app or the people they follow via word of mouth. Create something that’s going to get people talking, be it funny, daring or exciting and encourage people to share it with their friends to draw in new followers.

Find people near you

Snapchat has a great location based feature that allows you to not only submit to the stories of an event or particular location, but also find other Snapchat users around you. This can be a great method of finding new audiences. You can promote your Snapchat at your shop or stall and simply ask your existing customers or fans to select your account from the nearby list.

Always have a ‘story’

Stories are available for 24 hours and can be easily re-watched, while direct snaps can only be seen for a limited amount of seconds. Stories are the best way to promote yourself on Snapchat because people can easily show their friends and, when your following grows, sending direct snaps to a huge group of people consistently can take up far too much time than I’d imagine you’ll have on your hands as a business owner.

Get creative

There are a lot of people on Snapchat and a lot of them are doing what you are. The best way to grow your audience is by staying creative with your content to ensure your audience is engaged and talking about it. Separate yourself from the crowd and create something truly exciting for your audience. Snapchat is different in that the video and photographic quality doesn’t need to be anywhere near as high as other platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which means you have a lot more room to exercise your creative juices and have fun.


Like all social media platforms, investing a little bit of money can provide a good return. If you have the budget for it, there are a multitude of good companies who specialise in taking control of and posting content to your Snapchat account for you. This is a good idea if you are personally stuck behind a desk all day – most people won’t particularly want to see twenty different photos of your computer. It can be a great way to start off your following as well – it is often the case that growing your initial fan base is the hardest part of building your Snapchat following.

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