15 Ways to Incorporate Youtube & Video in Your Business
youtube for business

Did you know that Youtube is the second most searched site (right behind the all-knowing Google)? With that kind of daily traffic, it would be a mistake not to include it in your marketing. Some entrepreneurs, however, hesitate to do so, thinking it will be costly to make professional-looking videos. Let me correct you right there – it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to invest a fortune into making videos. You just need to get creative and know some basics about video posting. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

1. Make a business profile

For starters, your profile has got to be optimised well. Use your company’s logo as your profile picture, select a name that represents who you are as a brand well, give a quick description of your company in the channel description box and make sure to include links to your other social media profiles. You’ll figure it out as you go.

2. Get recording

The first video you post should be a short one that describes who you are, the services you’re offering, what products you are selling and so on. The idea is to give viewers a general idea of what kind of a business you are.

3. Explanatory videos

From there on, you can make videos about the use of a specific product of yours. More people than you realize turn to Youtube when they’re not sure how to operate a certain product, so having the brand itself explain it will make it so much easier for them.

4. Promote your videos

When you upload a new video, make sure to let your customers know through your other social media outlets. For example, tweet about it, but don’t forget to include the link to your new video, as well.

5. Use them on your website

You can post videos to your website or blog. Not everyone’s a big reader – having someone break it down to them in a video rather than having to read about it themselves can benefit your business.

6. A video about you

Another cool thing that you can do, something that not a lot of companies practice, is to use a video on your About page. A short recording can be more compelling than the usual black on write description.

7. Comment on other videos

It works similarly to getting people to follow you on Instagram. If you comment on other videos, people can click on your profile, thus bringing more traffic to it. They can discover other videos that you posted, which will automatically earn you more views.

8. Don’t try to go viral

Viral videos are great, but you shouldn’t aim to have one. Having your video go viral is a difficult task and you’re a company that is supposed to serve your customers. Your videos should have a specific purpose, and most viral videos are funny, silly or show something unusual. That is not what you are going for.

9. The beginning is crucial

Capturing your viewers’ attention in the first 10 seconds is very important. People who are watching will decide whether they will keep watching or not in that short timeframe. Getting them interested won’t happen if your intro is slow. They will find it boring and move on. Be dynamic.

10. Live streaming

Live streaming is a powerful tool for interacting with your customers. You can answer their questions, talk about an upcoming product, hear their feedback etc. it gives you a much more personal contact with your audience.

11. Informative videos

How-to’s and educational videos can also be a great way of attracting customers. Not every video has to be about your brand, there will be a ton of people looking to learn about how to do something or to learn something new. Posting a video that covers your area of expertise but not specifically your company can lead them to discover you anyway.

12. Keep it short

A half-hour long video can get really boring and you don’t want to bore your buyer, do you? Your videos shouldn’t last over five minutes. It gives you enough time to explain everything while keeping it simple and concise.

13. Quality of content

Keep in mind that the content of the video is more important than the visuals. Your videos don’t have to be professionally done to get views, some good lightening and a decent camera will do. But a beautiful video with no real content misses the primary purpose of your videos – to get a message across.

14. Video of your customers

It you already have a decent number of customers, why not record them and put it all in one video? Having a visual of real people who are happy with your service is great for future business. Just remember to keep it natural, their impressions shouldn’t feel scripted and pre-planned.

15. Analyze

Youtube offers a lot of options when it comes to analyzing your viewers. There’s audience demographics, playback locations, audience retention and others. This data can be invaluable in your future marketing. That way, you’ll know what you need to work on and just where you stand with your audience.

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So add Youtube in your marketing mix and let us know how it works out for you. If you already use Youtube successfully, let us know by tweeting us at @techblokedotcom.