Live Streaming Apps: 9 Creative Ways to Use Meerkat & Periscope

You already know how important social media is for your company’s overall image and marketing. However, social media doesn’t always means just text and images. People are also spending a lot of time watching video content so if you are not doing video you might be missing out.

Are you familiar with a new app called Meerkat? Since its recent release in March, the app has gotten a lot of attention, and even though it’s new, already has a decent number of users. But let me explain how it works first: the app is connected to your Twitter account, so everything you do on Meerkat, you do on Twitter. It allows you to live-stream and your Twitter followers can watch you. Your videos can be saved on phone for future use. Periscope is pretty much the same thing, except it’s owned by Twitter. Ever since Snapchat was released, one thing became pretty obvious – people like the idea of seeing something in the moment it’s happening. So how does that translate to business marketing?

1. Live-streaming events

You can live-stream events and show it to your audience. It allows the viewers to feel like they are right there with you, therefore increasing interest in your brand.

2. Announcements

You can also broadcast important announcements about an upcoming product, a sale, a special event and so on. The thing about it is that it brings a sense of urgency because it’s happening at the present moment, so it has much more impact on the viewer.

3. Product launches

Launching a new product through a live-streaming service is also a great way to catch the customer’s eye. They will feel like they are witnessing something special and important.

4. Responding to comments

While they are watching, your viewers can ask questions that you can answer. It not only brings them instant responses about, let’s say, a new product, but is also a great way to engage with the audience.

5. Behind-the-scenes

Give your audience a view of what’s happening behind closed doors. It’s really human nature to want to know how things work, how they are made and the people behind a brand’s name.

6. Daily shows

Another great way to get through to people is to have a live-streaming talk-show of sorts. You can, for example, talk about different topics that don’t necessarily have to do with your company, but fall into the same domain. That way you educate people on a certain matter that’s your area of expertise, which can ultimately result in them considering you an expert on a particular subject.

7. Customer research

Let’s say you are thinking about a new idea for a product, a new feature for your app or searching for a fit name for your next collection. You don’t have to invest money into focus groups anymore, just ask people online. Having a discussion about a product with a group of your customers saves you time, money and is a very creative way of communicating productively.

8. Demos

Sometimes your customers could have a little trouble knowing how to use your product. Why not give them a quick how-to? Not only will it help them, but you will also get the sense of what the common issues with your product may be.

9. Hosting interviews

If you want to use even more of what live-streaming has to offer to your marketing, try conducting short interviews with special guests from your field, or employees. Doing so shows a more personal side of your company and can provide the viewers with a different perspective.

Using live-streaming for promotion is still in its inception. But if you start using this aspect of advertising while it’s still in the early days, it could work to your advantage in the future. And who knows, maybe you’ll come up with new ways of utilizing this platform to promote your company.